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Recent Events Attended by KCUK

Recent Events Attended by KCUK




Here are some of the events and meetings which KCUK has attended in the last year. These are in addition to those already outlined on our website.

1. KCUK continues to be an active member of the PIN (Patients Involved in NICE) group, a wide and diverse collection of charities which have dealings with NICE. The group, now under the chairmanship of Laura Weir (Multiple Sclerosis Society), provides meetings and discussions with leading NICE personnel and a chance for (particularly smaller) charities to have a voice in the various NHS changes and initiatives which seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment. Meetings are held quarterly, with regular updates and consultations when new material arrives.

2. We continue to be active in the NICE procedures involved in the appraisal of new drugs for treatment of renal cell cancers and recently attended the scoping meeting for Axitinib a drug for use as a second-line treatment of advanced metastatic RCC. Such meetings are the first stage in the appraisal process and are important as they aim to ensure that the appraisal parameters are set correctly. A decision is due later, possibly this year, as to whether the appraisal will proceed.

3. We attended the Britain Against Cancer Conference again this year, another well supported and interesting event organised by Macmillan Cancer Support and the All Party Parliamentary Cancer Group, who continue to be committed to improving the diagnosis, treatment and care of cancer patients.
4. Macmillan also organised a fascinating and very helpful workshop on lobbying and campaigning strategies for smaller cancer charities. Twitter/Facebook here we come!

5. We were represented at the World Kidney Day event held on 7th March at the House of Commons and introduced by our Patron, Nicholas Owen. Although the focus of this year's meeting was organ donation and transplants, it gave a useful insight into the problems involved.

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